New Legacy Family

It have ben awhile since i posted anything here. And im sadly have to say i am probably not going to continue this one. I found it hard to get ideas for storytelling and i have stopped playing sims on pc and moved over to the sims 4 on the ps4. I have started a new blog of my ps4 sims legacy. This blog will not have so much storytelling but instead be more of me sharing my progress in my gameplay and to share pictures of my Sims familys life.

I hope you will follow me on my new sims family blog.

Everdeen Legacy

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Chapter 1.5

The next time Chloe and Reginald met it was Chloe who asked him out on a date. They went to a club in Oasis Spring called White Lagon. They sat down at the bar and just talked.


– We been seeing each other for some time now, and i really like you, Chloe said. Continue reading

Chapter 1.4

Chloe had not taken any photos for awhile so she decided that she was going to spend the day with taking photos, she started at the ancient ruins in Windenburg.


Then she moved on to the city in Windenburg. She took some photos of the fountain and Continue reading

Chapter 1.3

Chloe woke up the next morning to the phone ringing. It was Reginald. She was a little suprised that he called her so soon. But she was happy about it to.

– Hi Chloe it`s me Reginald. I hade a very good time yesterday and wonder if you want to have breakfast with me at 1950s Diner?

– That sounds great. I will just get ready and i will be right over.

They hung up the phone and Chloe took a quick bath. But what is she going to wear. She went through her cloth and tried different styles and in the end she took a skirt and a tank. Then she ran to the buss that took here to Widenburg and to the resturant.

Reginald was already there and sat by one of the tables outside. Chloe went up to him and took a seat.


– Sorry Im late. She said. Continue reading

Chapter 1.2

Chloe spends most of her time in the park taking pictures and getting to know some people. But she did not get any friends cause everyone she was talking to was in a hurry to leave.

0.1 One day when she was out fotografing she saw death. Continue reading

Chapter 1.1

Chloe had finally arived at her new lot in Oasis Spring. It had cost her almost all her money, so she could only afford a little shelter with no door with a toilet and a bathtub. She also bougth a used refrigerator and a air bed. Than she had enough money left to by a cheap camera. She needed that since she wanted to make a living as a photographer and a cheap camera is better than here I-phone.


She took a look around her, it was a big lot with only one neighbor in sight, mayby it was not such a  good idea to buy Continue reading